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DETIME - Become fashion responsible

A franchise with retail selling of shirts and clothes for men and women.

Position of stores

Minimum population of 50.000 inhabitants.
The shop must be situated in the city center, in a pedestrian street, a trading street or in a shopping mall, whether it is for the national or international market.
DETIME makes a commitment on the exclusivity of your shopping district.

Surface of the stores

From 30 m² to 80 m².

Limit your risks

DETIME helps you in the search and the choice of the commercial premises.
Help on the realization of your market study as well as your business plan.
Help to find your financial partner.


DETIME helps you in your advertising:

  • Cinema advertising
  • Broadcast advertising
  • Newspaper advertising
  • Flyer
  • Events
  • Social networks…


A dedicated team takes care of the design of your shop to emphasize products while respecting the DETIME design and to favor your profitability.

Staff necessary for the management of the shop

From 1 to 3 people, understood shop owners.

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Distribute the DETIME brand

DETIME - Become fashion responsible

The sending of your application is without any commitment from you.
It allows to have, on your side, a maximum of information and, on our side, to study your file and to schedule an interview so that you can become a distributor.

Develop an international network in the world of the high-end ready-to-wear clothing.

With DETIME take control of your life…

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