The Big departure to the Moroccan desert!

Previously, we informed you about the sponsoring of the organization Les 4 ailes du desert, a team who’s preparing to go through the Moroccan desert for the humanitarian raid 4LTrophy 2016. Then The Detime Team is pleased to announce the big departure of Hanna Balaï and Valentin Rimaux, ready to take the challenge. There are 3800 miles of roads across France, Spain and Morocco during 10 days. Evenly a humanitarian event, this human adventure gather thousands students from all over France. This great event made of mutual aid and solidarity is unforgettable for everyone. From 18th to 28th of February 2016, the teams will use their sense of direction to reach Casablanca, the final step of the raid. Each 4L is loaded of school and consumable equipment for disadvantaged children. These donations are reallocated in partnership with the “LES ENFANTS DU DESERT” organization.

Students at IAE Lille in the North of France, Hanna and Valentin look adorable. They are ready to excel in this extraordinary adventure. Both in a Management class, they have been expertly handled their project since almost a year. The big departure is on Monday, February 15th 2016. They will finally live this long-awaited moment. We wish them a wonderful adventure!

Detime makes a point of support some event like this huge student raid in Europe. It’s important for us to encourage young people to surpass themselves, maintaining these values of mutual aid and sharing.

You may also have lived this inescapable event in the French student life? The opportunity to live again this experience is facing you in 2017!  For the 4L Trophy 20’s, the adventure will also be accessible to previous participants. 

Detime editorial


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