Become a supermouton thanks to the relooking coach from Nantes

“Don’t be a sheep, become a great sheep!” , this is the most important advice of the charming coach we met in Nantes, France. Fabien Thomas, founder of the company SUPERMOUTON, is ready to help you to regain confidence by working on your image.

Graduated from the international Success Institute of Nantes, the relooking coach wants to “celebrate the inner fantastic of each of us” with a closeness and an appropriate coaching. Advice about self-makeup, colorimetry or hairstyle morphology, Fabien Thomas offers various deliveries which will delight you. By sparking your creativity, your style and your charisma, he helps you to better understand yourself and charm.

« We all have a potential of a supermouton » And it’s through learning of the nonverbal communication and the individual understanding you will awake it. The goal?! Make your life greater and fuller. Your private life sublimated and your professional life honoured, you are becoming an opportunity!

To complete our interview, we asked for some advice for our DTmag readers. He answered with fancy and sympathy “the performance is spiritual, be precursor! Your dress must be true, tell a story.” The most important for him is to be interested in you.


His website : supermouton-style.fr

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