This asset which charmed and fascinate

According to you, what is the difference between Barack Obama, Aung San Suu and Steve Jobs? Yes, they are influential figures in the world. But also, they are charismatic leaders.

Some people would say that charisma is a gift. Others think it is a trait that everyone can have. Charismatic or not, DETIME editorial offer you some key to develop this asset appreciated at work and in private life.

Charisma is this charm, this ability to connect to others, this power of persuasion… It is intimately connected to other.

We all know some charismatic people. Humility, confidence, humanity, optimism and respect for others are the values which characterize them. Stay positive, smile, transform challenges to achievements opportunity … you are developing your charisma!

Assume your feelings. First of all, a charismatic person is human. She is able to admit her own mistakes and laugh at herself. It is through others that this trait make sense. Respect, encourage and trust them. 


It’s through your eyes, your voice and your gesture that this asset takes shape. Practice the eye-contact, use the good intonation when you talk and breathe life into your words using your body to grow your charism.  

During this Christmas holiday, the friend’s party and the moments with colleagues are good ways to practice.


                                                                                                                                                                                    Detime editorial


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