Urban gardening

Urban gardening means something for you ?! Salads on the balcony, carots grown in the apartment… We chose this topic and maybe we’ll try it !

We found the followers of this new cultivation technique in big cities. Shown as a simple and economic way to eat organic, urban gardening is also a relaxation method. Combining creativity and patience, lots of people try it to recover the serenity.

Inside gardening methods are available on Internet and also in dedicated books. The range is growing every day. Some associations are created to exchange the good practices. We met an American adherent who shares her knowledge in an association in Palo Alto. Her advice:

-        Think about available places by using your creativity to optimize the space.

-        Draw your plan and choose the vegetables to cultivate according to the space and the time you want to devote.

-        Tell others, read and use your creativity to become inspired about pots. Using recycles is more ecological.

-        Plan the maintenance and the harvest

-        Enjoy! Urban gardening is relaxing by testing new ideas.


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