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French brand 100% made in Europe

DETIME LUXURY is a French company of ready-to-wear clothing detained in the greater part and based by French Thomas DECOENE.
The DETIME LUXURY company markets clothes High-end said of image, with diverse features to increase your performances whether it is in your professional life or in your private life under the brand DETIME.

DETIME is distributed via the retail website at
Currently, DETIME LUXURY develops several DETIME shops at national and international level.

Professional in the field of the textile industry, Hervé DECOENE is integrated by his own son Thomas, in the development of tissues and clothes, with a common will: bring of innovation into a very traditional sector.

Who said that the universe of the ready-to-wear clothing shouldn't evolve ?

So, DETIME distances themself with a really different concept and a positioning which give way to a very envied excellent product.

The brand DETIME evolving in the lineage of the most prestigious French label, is intended for the active and dynamic people. It associates the innovation with a trendy and elegant collection, creating a new category, the category of SMARTCLOTHING


DETIME favors essentially French and European partners.
Inspired by the French know-how and the current needs, DETIME develops a collection fashion-forward / progressive, whose watchwords are:


The style of DETIME expresses the needs for the women and for elegant men, trendy, looking for a garment in the service of their comfort, of their performances and of their success.


The innovation is at the heart of the brand DETIME and has for objective to give an answer to all the current needs: aestheticism, comfort, ease of maintenance … So DETIME goes out of the category of the traditional ready-to-wear clothing to enter into the new category of Smartclothing.


The quality concern, which has an important part in our company, incites to the permanent control of every mission and every working stage.


The customer is placed in the heart of the concerns of the brand. Indeed, the DETIME customer is a regular customer, a recognized and valued customer.


Although this aspect of responsible company is not the center of its communication, the DETIME company has strong environmental and social concerns.

DETIME does not sell only clothes, she increases your performances as well as your confidence in your professional life and in your private life.

With DETIME, take control of your life…

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